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Cleaning Granite Memorials

Cleaning Granite Memorials

A granite memorial, like any material exposed to the elements, will require certain maintenance. Never use cleaners with abrasives or cleaners with chlorine to clean polished granite. Do not use waxes or polishes to “brighten” up granite. Any ammonia based cleaner like Glass Plus or Windex will restore the natural luster to the surface of the stone if used on a regular basis.

Regularly, once a year-- perhaps on Memorial Day, an anniversary or birthday, you can use a mild solution made of three to four tablespoons of an automatic dish washing detergent and one quart of water. Use a stiff bristled nylon brush (no wire brushes) and wet the stone with clear water before applying the detergent solution. It is very important that you rinse properly and remove all of the detergent from the memorial and from the grass around it after you are finished washing. For a more thorough cleaning you can use a pressure washer with up to 2000 lbs of water pressure. Take care not to get the solution in your eyes by wearing appropriate eye protection.



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